Friday, February 22, 2008

Make Cake, Not War

Recently, the Troll, one of Moi's 3.75 male readers, posted a recipe for what looks like a really yummy apple cake as a comment in response to one of Moi's posts. I think he posted out of sheer frustration over yet another one of my guy-mystifying ruminations on fashion, which I'm sure makes the Troll's brain itch. Most likely, he wants me to get back to posting something political, just so he can poke fun at Moi's libertarian viewpoints (are Libertarians True Conservatives or Raving Lunatics Who Just Want a Second Amendment Excuse to Wave Around their New 9mm Glocks While Drinking Martinis? Discuss.)

But, really, fashion hurts Moi's brain less than navigating the murky waters of today's pool of poleetical candidates.

So as penance, I'm posting the Troll's recipe. I've made similar cakes before and I can attest that apple cake is totally yummy. But, usually, like this one, nekkid. So I posted a suggested frosting, too.

Apple Cake:

1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
3 cups sifted flour
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1/2 tsp. Kosher Salt
1 tsp. Cinnamon
3 cups thin sliced Granny Smith apples
1-1/2 cups Wesson Oil (note from Moi: a very light virgin olive oil works, too)
2 eggs slightly beaten
2 tsp. Vanilla
1/2 cup Coconut
1/2 cup Walnuts

Preheat oven to 350ยบ F. Grease and flour a 9x13 pan.

Mix sugar, flour, soda, salt and cinnamon. Add apples and mix until well-coated. Add oil, eggs, vanilla, coconut and walnuts. Pour into pan and bake for one hour.

Then come up with a good frosting of your own creation if desired.

To frost, I suggest:

Fluffy White Frosting:
1 cup milk
1/4 cup flour
1 cup granulated sugar
2 sticks butter, softened but not melted
1 tsp. Vanilla

In a large saucepan over low heat, combine the milk, flour, and sugar and cook, stirring constantly, until a pudding-like consistency is achieved. Transfer into mixing bowl of a stand mixer and allow to cool to room temperature. When cooled, add softened butter and vanilla and beat until fluffy. Frost cake.

What would YOU top this cake with?


she said...

i LOVE your definition of liberatarian. glocks and martinis. i think we've found a workable theme for 2009!

my thoughts on the frosting. i agree with your basic butter cream, only i would ditch the flower and add a few drops of lemon extract. that little bite would help with the appley soft sweetness of the cake.

and, since i am a proven baker */snort * everyone should do as i say. btw, how are those vanilla scented driveways holding up?

i wouldnt hit you!!! (over american idol) grrherhahaha!

Anonymous Boxer said...

AHAHAHA - are you sure this is the baking blog, because I'm loving the poleetical aspect of it too.

and remember what Ronald Regan said "the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism."

and I second the addition of lemon.

...and Martinis.

ThursdayNext said...

The new beau loves apples, so thanks for this recipe...I need to collect as many great apple recipes as possible since you know the way to a man's heart is through his apple filled tummy...

moi said...

She: yes, the addition of lemon – genius!

AB: Whew. When in doubt, always consult one's pantheon of Regan quotes. Feeling much better now.

Thursday: I learned the lesson many moons ago with Moi's own spousal unit. Hence, the baking fiend that I have become. Which naturally led to the running fiend that I have become.

The Troll said...

Why did the Libertarian cross the road?

Trick question. He actually only got half-way across before he started ranting about Governments having no right to build or repair roads. Then he got hit by a Glock delivery truck driven by a Martini slurping Troll.

moi said...

Troll: Ha! Can I use that in my poleetical platform? I've decided to just give up and run for El Presidente myself, and part of my objective is to bring more humor to The Cause. And, cake for everyone!

Anonymous Boxer said...

so you'll be running on the "let them eat cake" platform? Because, I'm all for that.

(Troll was funny)

Ms Robinson said...

I would like to be the icing on the cake. That sounds like a good job. Someone else does the groundwork and then you hop on.

Aunty Belle said...

glocks? martini? hoo-whee, chile!!

Okay --serious bidness:

We done had some FABULOUS French tarts fer Easter (thas' not girlie tarts but Blueberry,strawberry, raspberry, and mixed berry tarts, all sittin' on a pool of rich custard--yum!)

But word of warning: Fer the Lemon Meringue tarts I used Barefoot Contessa's recipe. This ain't no Jello lemon fillin' but the real thang. How-some-ever, I goofed it up a bit.She warns ya not to let the custard boil so I din't--may not have cooked it enough in my caution not to boil. Tasted amazin' but was a bit runny.

Reckon I'se learnin' still.I see ya ' ain't been bakin' in a whole month? Yore kitchen on the fritz?

EmmaK said...

If I may put in a request. Could you put up a recipe for semi healthy muffins. I have had very bad luck on this front. I would like to blame US butter but I think it is more than this. They never seem to rise properly are always horrendously greasy. Help me Moi I don't want to keep paying three dollars for Starbucks muffins.

moi said...

Aunty: I know, that fine line thing about boiling has goofed Moi up quite a bit in the past. Kitchen not on the fritz, but I am busy, busy with work and haven't baked a thing in a month except S.B.'s cookies. Boo. Sniff.

Emma: Ah, muffins. The bane of Moi's baking existence. I haven't had problems with greasy so much as with dry. Let me see what I can come up with . . .