Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Party Menu

This weekend, Anonymous Boxer is hosting a holiday blog party and she's asked Moi to cater. Fabulous!

If there's anything I love more than an opportunity to actually bake, it's an opportunity to virtually bake. You know, to mull over in my mind all those terrific things I would set about to creating if only I had five bazillion hours in a lifetime and an unending supply of lottery winnings.

So, without further ado, I present:

Anonymous Boxer's Big Phat Holiday Blog Party Menu

The Hot Stuff Savory:
• Guacamole with red, white, and blue corn chips
• Chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese-stuffed jalapeƱo poppers
• Smoked turkey-stuffed wontons with chocolate/red chile/peanut dipping sauce
• Roasted green chile and onion tart

El Gringos Savory:
• Puff pastry cheddar cheese straws
• Bubbling artichoke dip with three cheeses and French bread rounds
• Baked lemon and garlic marinated shrimp skewers with vodka/tomato sauce dip
• Roasted pepper and balsamic vinegar salsa with baked tortilla triangles
• Tuna tartar with golden rye crisps
• Cool Ranch Doritos with sour cream and onion dip

The Sweets - One-Bite Cookies
• Scottish short bread cookies with lime glaze
• Mini bizcochitos
• Brownie cups

The Sweets - Sorta Guilt-Free
• Pineapple, strawberry, and kiwi chunks with chocolate/sour cream dipping sauce
• Tarte tatin
• Meringue drops

The Sweets - Fuggedabout it. Get on the treadmill in the morning.
• Pistachio divinity squares
• Pecan-bourbon pralines
• Cranberry-almond caramel tart
• Chocolate mousse balls with Kirsch-flavored whipped cream
• Chocolate cake


Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh this is perfect! You are truly an artist.


moi said...

Happy to do it, thanks!

Doris Rose said...

mmmm, YUM.Those each sound delicious and unusual, makes a heart happy.

ArtfulSub said...

That's really not a bad menu. Good balance, complimentary flavors to the extent possible.

hensteeth said...

Mrs. Chavez, my next door neighbor in Albuquerque, told me that people who make those tiny hard bischochitos are not making them right.

The bischochitos I learned to make from her have lovely soft layers to sink your teeth into, and can no way be called mini.

Yours? Hmmmm?

moi said...

Hensteeth: Yes, that soft, crumbly texture is critical to an authentic biscochito. However, in my experience, the size of the cookie has never effected that texture. I cut mine out to about 2" in diameter and they work out every time.

hensteeth said...

Thank you. I am making bischochitos next week, and now they will be less than the size of a brick.

A question for you in regards to my dieting daughter: have you ever used splenda in cookies and if so, how does it work? (And I can't quite believe I'm asking this...)

moi said...

hensteeth: Hey, not that I have anything against a cookie the size of a brick. Just that, well, Moi's thighs do.

I have never cooked with Splenda before (although it's a staple in the morning coffee, hence giving the thighs somewhat more of a break). I'm not sure how you would, given that sugar is meant to bind with the fat and form an, uh, structure of sorts (you know, something chemical/schmemical and all that). But hey, Google it. If someone out there's done it, Google'll tell ya!

Or, she can just do what I do: take up running to feed her baking Jones.

Meghan said...

You need to have a party and I need to come to it.